Hello! Hey, hi, how’s it going?

My name is Johnna, or JoJo for short, and I am a wedding videographer! Although versatile with film, I specialize in weddings - but I can film anything! I also dabble with photography, graphic design, and social media marketing.


Growing up I have always revolved my life around creative ideas because creativity leads to a happier and more colorful life! I always doodled when I was younger and had extra fun with crafts. When I was around 8, an art teacher told me that I would never be able to become a successful artist because my art was entirely too cheesy. From that day forward, I strive to be a better artist, a better person, and a better idol.


I enjoy filming weddings because I capture the candid and intimate details that are overlooked during the rush of the big day, and I deem that just as important as anything else!